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Utility Communicators: Making Lemonade out of Lemons

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When I talk to media relations representatives at utilities, I often hear how difficult their jobs have become. Newspapers have closed. Dailies have become twice-weeklies. The news hole is shrinking. Veteran reporters who used to cover the utility have taken a package. If those veterans are replaced (and their positions are not always back-filled), it typically is with a shiny new journalism-school graduate who covers cops (on Mondays), schools (on Tuesdays) and business — in whatever flavor — on Thursdays. The loss of institutional memory has made it harder to place favorable stories about the utility in any media outlet.

For media relations practitioners, the print media outlook certainly is grim. There are fewer and fewer opportunities to place a story, especially if it requires more than five column-inches and does not include a photo of linemen rescuing kittens from power poles.

And yes, the outlook is even grimmer in the broadcast media, with their breathless coverage of car accidents, severe weather, high-school sports and miraculous recoveries from tragic illnesses. “If it bleeds, it leads” has been the mantra for TV news for the 30 years I have been in the utility communications game. That, too, shows no sign of changing any time soon.

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At the Movies: How KUA Connects with Customers

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Courtesy KUA

Utility marketers and communicators I speak with remain intrigued by the idea of direct interaction with their clients, contacts not mediated by email, social media, the news media or the contact center’s voice-response unit (VRU). They understand the power of personally connecting with customers.

But these utility representatives I speak with seem fixated on the logistical challenges of direct outreach: “We understand email has passed the point of diminishing returns,” they say. “But our community relations department only has three employees, and we serve over 100,000 customers. You do the math. How are we supposed to make personal contact with our customers?”

Well, why not invite them to the movies? A Florida locally owned utility, KUA (Kissimmee Utility Authority), has just wrapped its second season of “Movie in the Park,” and they report outstanding results.

A little background on KUA. It thinks—and acts—differently. Even among its public-power utility peers, it has created a well-deserved reputation for finding creative, cost-effective ways to connect personally with its customer-owners. A few years back, I profiled another creative outreach initiative from KUA: its grill-lending service. Don’t laugh—KUA’s Big Grill is a trailer-mounted, propane-fired, barbecue grill that boasts 40-square-feet of cooking surface, twin 40-pound propane tanks, a 35-gallon water tank and collapsible stainless steel food prep counters on each side.
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Our Job: Convey Elegant Thought in Simple Terms

When the Financial Times, one of the world’s oldest and most authoritative business dailies, and the “Dilbert” cartoon strip independently explore the same issue at about the same time, that’s worthy of note. And the issue is one near and dear to my heart, and hopefully yours: the need to communicate using clear English.

Have you ever played buzzword bingo? It sometimes helps soothe the pain of corporate meetings. I have played it, and it’s a lot of fun, particularly during those day-long planning retreats where senior management and consultants take turns exchanging the latest business buzzwords.

Playing buzzword bingo (a sample card is below; or visit a buzzword bingo generator site to create your own) is an employee’s quiet pleasure for being compelled to listen to corporate drivel. To play buzzword bingo effectively, you’ll need to listen carefully to the fusillade of words being squeezed out by the speaker, to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to check off a box. If your leadership team notices your keen focus, so much the better (unless they find the card, of course).

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