Businesses told energy policy must be changed

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President of The Foundation of Economic Trends and Wharton School business professor Jeremy Rifkin says businesses should be focusing on “…’distributed energy,’ meaning creating energy wherever sunlight, wind earth, heat and tidal waves are…” The rise in air temperature, which causes extreme weather patterns and even threatens our own existence, along with dwindling supplies of crude oil, means the U.S. … Read More

Angry Fairbanks crowd blasts high energy costs

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A recent meeting of the Fairbanks Golden Valley Electric Association drew a large crowd of people upset with rising rates and poor planning. Association officials tried to calm the crowd with statistics and visual aids showing how oil prices have tripled in the last eight years. Wind power, coal plants, and new infrastructure to truck gas in were presented as … Read More

Sen. Murkowski’s Opening Statement on Electric Grid Reliability

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Republican News reports on Alaskan Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski’s remarks at the recent Senate Energy and Natural Resources Hearing. Murkowski was commenting on the reliability of the national electric grid in light of the strong winter storm that hit New England last October which caused massive power outages. In addition to addressing the needs highlighted by this incident, she said, … Read More

For a Shell Executive, Much Head-Scratching

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In a recent interview, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, Peter Voser, said he doesn’t understand the country’s lack of a clear national energy policy, or its hesitation over the Keystone XL pipeline and hydraulic fracturing. “I can’t see why there is not more drive. It’s puzzling, frustrating. Any other country in the world would jump on this.” When reminded … Read More

Talking About Energy (but Not About Prices)

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It’s not easy to talk about electric or gas service. Unlike consumer goods such as cars, homes or food, consumers can’t interact directly with electric or gas service: They can’t store it, they can’t give some of it to their friends, and it doesn’t really come in different colors. That’s why many utilities end up discussing their service in terms … Read More

Energy PR — Forget Facts, Show Value!

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Whatever utility communicators are selling these days, it doesn’t look like customers are buying. And we expect the problem will get worse before it gets better. A lot of utility communication plans are tied to rate cases, and utilities are filing a lot of rate cases these days. It looks like 100 or more rate cases will be filed across … Read More