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First Energy’s Mobile App Focuses on Finance

Making information about outages, efficiency, and billing available to customers in a timely and consistent manner is an important part of the customer service experience for an energy company, but First Energy, based in Akron, Ohio, and one of the largest utilities in the nation with 4.5 million customers, believes that providing up to date […]

Answering Public’s Concerns About ‘Smart Meters’

By 2015 more than half of U.S. households are expected to have smart meters installed. Understandably, consumers are raising questions about them. Some of the more common questions are: what do they do, are they safe, and how do they benefit me? A major benefit of smart meters is the increase in reliability they represent […]

A Checkup for Natural Gas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a delay on natural gas drilling in upstate New York. The technique that was to be used was hydraulic fracturing and the delay is for officials to reevaluate the potential health risks involved in the technique. Opponents on both sides of the issue of hydraulic fracturing are passionate, […]

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