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Electricity Explains Why Some Have Gas, Some Don’t

Many people in the Northeast were questioning why some of the areas that were struck by Superstorm Sandy had plenty of gasoline in the aftermath and other areas also struck were long without. Investigating the issue will show that electricity is behind it, and that, even if a car runs on gasoline, electricity is still […]

Best Utility Websites Get the Basics

E Source has recently released the results of a study that benchmarks utility websites from the perspective of a business customer. Stephanie Spaulding, E Source’s research manager who wrote the report, commented that it is important for utilities to get the basics right on their websites. The number one feature that business customers are looking […]

Utility-Scale Installations Lead US Solar PV Growth

The United States Energy Information Agency released a new survey-based estimate of total solar capacity recently which shows that the total on-grid photovoltaic (PV) capacity almost doubled in 2011. This growth was led primarily by a growth in capacity on both a utility and commercial scale. While 2011 showed the most marked growth, PV capacity […]

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