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The Evolution in Utility Networks

As part of the smart-grid integration, power utility networks are moving away from old legacy communications infrastructure and toward Ethernet transport and Internet Protocol networks, also known as “packet-based networks.” The new networks will provide benefits to the smart grid such as IP-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems, advance substation automation, and video surveillance. […]

Renewables Raise Utility Bills Despite Falling Solar and Wind Costs

A report from the Little Hoover Institute, an independent California oversight agency that has been active for about fifty years, titled, “Rewiring California: Integrating Agendas for Energy Reform,” argued the case that the state of California may be moving too swiftly toward its 2020 Renewable Portfolio Standard requirement of having renewable sources for 33% of […]

EPRI: Utilities Have a Lot More to Learn About What Customers Want

While customer engagement has become increasingly critical to the smart grid initiative, a recent report from EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) claims that there are big gaps in the utilities’ knowledge of what the customers really want, despite recent pilot programs and research designed to find out exactly that. There have been estimates of customer […]

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