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Utility Business Customers’ Satisfaction Drops 10 Points

According to J.D. Power and Associates’ 2013 Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study, overall customer satisfaction for all electric utility business customers has decreased ten points from 2012. The study shows the average at 647 on a 1,000 point scale and is based on interviews with more than 25,000 businesses that spend at least $250 […]

How Well Were You Prepared for Promised Land?

Dodged a bullet. Whistled past the graveyard. Rolled the dice. Whatever metaphor you prefer, it looks like utility communicators will not get “fracked” by the fast-disappearing Matt Damon film, Promised Land. And that’s good, because it doesn’t appear that utility communicators invested a lot of time or effort preparing for the potential negative PR impact […]

Smart Grid Distribution Control Center and Operations

In the average modern power distribution control center, day-to-day operation of the network focuses on keeping energy flowing to the consumers without interruption. There is only a limited amount of automation due to the limitations of real-time reporting on the current network. The current Operation Technology systems, such as SCADA, DMS, and OMS are mainly […]

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