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Renewable Energy Initiative Approved for Signature Gathering

In Salem, Oregon, an initiative to allow hydroelectric energy from dams built before 1995 has been approved to seek signatures to get on the 2014 ballot. In 2007, renewable portfolio standards were set that mandated for 15 percent of utilities’ energy to be renewable by 2015 and 25 percent by 2025. Energy gained from dams […]

Market Research: Big Data Will Help Utilities Refine Offerings

One of the many key points brought up at Chartwell’s Utility Market Research Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, this April was the importance of “big data” in the future of utility market research as smart devices and other data capturing devices become more prevalent. Utilities will be able to use analytics on the increased amount of […]

What are (Our) Words Worth?

“What are words worth?” Tom Tom Club asked in a catchy song from the 1980s. You probably danced to it in college. I know I did. But let’s not go there, because it was a very different time and place. Instead, today, as utility communicators, let’s ask ourselves, “What are our words worth?” We know […]

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