Calif. Utility to Close Troubled Nuclear Plant

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In the beginning of June, the owners of Southern California’s San Onofre nuclear plant surrendered in the costly legal battle over whether the plant was safe or too damaged to continue operation. The San Onofre plant features two twin reactors in a location between San Diego and Los Angeles on the coast, and will be the largest plant in the … Read More

Reliance to Spend $26 Billion Over 3 Years to Expand Businesses

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Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) announced recently that the company plans to spend 1.5 trillion rupees, the equivalent of about $26 billion, to expand their businesses over the next three years. These plans range from increasing the capacity of existing petrochemical plants they own, building new plants, and drilling more wells to counteract the recent slowing … Read More

Natural Gas is a Big Part of Our Climate Change Solution

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Research by climate scientists over the past few decades has consistently shown that the way we manage our natural resources needs to change if we are going to protect the environment and the future of our planet. A recent report by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), titled Leveraging Natural Gas to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, claims that … Read More

“SUCCESful” Utility Messaging

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How fast does your spam filter fill up? What about your personal message filter? We are absolutely overwhelmed with messaging. Digital ads pop up during Internet searches. Direct mail pieces fill our mailbox. Robo-calls interrupt our dinner. Traditional TV ads shout at us. Newspapers and magazines carry forgettable ads. While driving, we listen to CDs to avoid commercials. To continue … Read More

Cisco Develops New Switches for Harsh Environments

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As part of the “Internet of Everything” initiative, Cisco is exploring areas outside of traditional business IT networking.  Having gained experience over the last few years working with utilities in North America and Europe, Cisco is now developing specialized low-latency switches intended to be used in electric-power distribution systems.  This new equipment will be used not only at the substation … Read More

The Growing Concern of Smart Grid Security

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There is a growing concern amongst utility executives about the security of their smart grid networks.  Until recently the utility grid has relied upon mostly analog as opposed to digital equipment.  With the change to more digital devices in order to employ more smart grid technology, there is an increased risk for a security breach.  A new startup called GridCOM … Read More

Should We Export Liquefied Natural Gas?

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The new energy secretary Ernest Moniz has been confronted with the question of whether or not the U.S. should increase the amount of liquefied natural gas exports to foreign markets.  Proponents of allowing more exports site the benefits to the economy, which is extremely important during a prolonged recession.  Those against more exports fear the side effects of increased shale … Read More