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Orange Unveils Smart Cities Strategy

Urban landscapes are transforming and cities more than ever must focus their efforts on challenges such as optimizing power and transport, improving the quality of life for their citizens, as well as making the city itself attractive for businesses and tourists both. Linked to all of this is the idea of digital technology, which is […]

Siemens and Diamond Energy to Pilot Demand Response Technology

Siemons and Diamond Energy, both of Singapore, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that details their commitment to partner on a multi-phase Demand Response program. The program will begin with a pilot project meant to show the feasibility of implementing such a system and the benefits that would come with it, and is focused on […]

“Truthy” Thoughts on 10 Persuasive Words that Improve Our Copy

Stephen Colbert would call it “truthy”– something that comes from the gut, sounds true, feels right, may be accurate — but ultimately has no basis in fact. Colbert’s idea about “truthiness” came to mind recently when I found Internet references to a list of the most persuasive words in the English language. The product of […]

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