2017 EEC Utility Communicators Survey

Juggling Chainsaws:

EEC’s 2017 Survey of Utility Communicators & Marketers


Want to save time, money and maybe a few headaches

as a utility communicator and marketer?


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Utility communicators and marketers are juggling a lot of metaphorical chainsaws these days. One is “key messages,” another “customer preferences” and a third “technology platforms.” In this exciting environment, where choreography is everything, one false move can draw blood.

Utility communicators and marketers are under pressure to perform as never before. The market intelligence in this survey could keep you and your utility from under- or over-funding communications and marketing activities.

This unique and one-of-a-kind survey report will show you the trends of what your peer communicators and marketers are thinking, doing, finding and funding. And, it could help you save time and money!


Why Should I Buy This Report?

Do your communications and marketing functions need a reboot? Take a look at these sample findings from the survey as cited by your peers to get some ideas:

  • Respondents are feeling more positive about social media, with 86% saying it provides a great opportunity to communicate with stakeholders, up 22 percentage points from the 2015 survey.
  • Price changes, community outreach and employee engagement continue to be the most prominent challenges facing utility communicators and marketers in 2017, as they were in 2015.
  • Messaging on rooftop solar and other forms of distributed energy resources has emerged as a new challenge since the last survey.
  • There continues to be a significant perception gap between leaders and communicators over how prominently, and how frequently, utilities ought to be in the public eye.


How Can I Get a Copy?

The full 25-page survey report costs $95. Just click the button below and the report will arrive instantly in your inbox.

Hurry, don’t wait! Get this vital market intelligence TODAY to put you first among utility communicators and marketers!

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