Community Relations, Rate Case Communications and Women’s Career Advancement: EEC’s Best-Read Content of 2022

December 2, 2022

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Yet another tumultuous year is coming to a close. Some of us are swapping our sweatpants for dress pants as we return to the office. Costs are up, stress is off the charts, and “me” time seems like a quaint relic of a much simpler time.

I know 2022 has been a difficult year for some of you. That’s why we are re-gifting EEC’s best-read content of the year. We hope that you can put your year-end stress on hold for about six minutes to enjoy utility communications and marketing content that most resonated with our readers. No need to wait until December 25 to unwrap your present from EEC!

Community Relations: Do the Right Thing,
Then Talk About It

No one likes a corporate blabbermouth, but utilities that believe in being the “strong silent type” have the opposite problem: no one will know (or care) about all the wonderful things you do! And this year, which has had more than its share of tragedies, heartaches and natural disasters, your customers and communities want to know more about those with whom they do business. Utilities have a golden opportunity to win friends and influence the community by doing the right thing to address your customers’ needs, and then reminding the community about it. Do the right thing and click here!

Rate Case Communications: Why This Time is Different

This time it’s different. Really. Rate cases are never popular, but this time your customers are on the edge — financially, mentally, and emotionally. So, this is the worst possible time to talk to your customers about why you are raising your prices, right? Maybe not. Rather than push out a press release at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and hope no one in the media notices, this might be the right to time to more fully engage with your customers, on a face-to-face basis, about the price and value of your services. Click here to learn why this is the right time to build bridges to your customers.

Career Advancement at Utilities: Tips for
Women from Women

Ever wonder why there’s a “good old boys” network? Because the guys have been networking since they learned to walk upright. Now it’s the sisters’ turn. Women who work as utility communicators and marketers are ready, willing, and eager to share insights into how they got where they are, and how they plan to go to the next level. You don’t have to do this alone! Women, check this box to accelerate your career advancement.

Public Speaking: 6 Tips, 6 Sins and 1 Golden Rule

COVID-19 put the zap on face-to-face conferences for nearly three years, but gradually, conferences are once again being held in person. And you, as a subject matter expert, may be asked to speak at one of these events. Don’t panic! Take confidence in your expertise. But know this: knowing your stuff is one thing but being able to share it in a compelling way in front of dozens or hundreds of peers is something else. Raise your hand if you want to avoid common public speaking missteps.

Simple Tips for Better Employee
Communications and Performance

More of us are shifting from remote work to hybrid work schedules or even a full-time return to the office, now that COVID-19 appears to be receding in the rear-view mirror. While we can change our sweatpants for dress pants easily enough, it may be trickier to remember how to interact professionally with those who sit alongside you. It’s even harder to develop professional relationships with colleagues who were hired during the pandemic and who you may have never met face-to-face. Click here for a few gentle tips about playing nice in the sandbox.

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