J.D. Power Names Top Utility for Customer Satisfaction

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PPL Electric Utilities Corp. is back on top, after last achieving the top utility honor in 2007. It has received past honors for both business and residential customer satisfaction. Over 100,000 customers were interviewed online, and PPL was ranked the highest in the eastern United States. PPL also operates Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas and Electric in the Midwest Region, … Read More

Talking About Energy (but Not About Prices)

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It’s not easy to talk about electric or gas service. Unlike consumer goods such as cars, homes or food, consumers can’t interact directly with electric or gas service: They can’t store it, they can’t give some of it to their friends, and it doesn’t really come in different colors. That’s why many utilities end up discussing their service in terms … Read More

Energy PR — Forget Facts, Show Value!

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Whatever utility communicators are selling these days, it doesn’t look like customers are buying. And we expect the problem will get worse before it gets better. A lot of utility communication plans are tied to rate cases, and utilities are filing a lot of rate cases these days. It looks like 100 or more rate cases will be filed across … Read More

Can Utilities Find a Path to Peace?

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Most utilities have always had a small percentage of disaffected customers. They write letters to the editor grousing about the duration of a recent outage. They criticize a utility’s tree-trimming practices. They oppose a proposed price increase. But yesterday’s cranky customer is becoming more of an activist today, participating in protests that are aimed at more fundamental utility business practices: … Read More

Communications Breakdown: Xcel Energy’s Smart Grid Program

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Will Poor Communications Destroy Xcel Energy’s Smart Grid Program? Some utilities are having trouble implementing Smart Grid or Smart Meter projects that rely on customers changing the way they use energy. Reaching customers and getting them to consider changing their behavior requires a long-term, integrated, campaign that includes customer communications, media relations, and public relations, among other tools. There are … Read More

Wait! Before You Raise Rates …Strategic Steps to Take Prior to Raising Residential Energy Prices

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View the pdf Price increases, both large and small, are or soon will be a reality for many utilities across North America, and someone must break that news to residential customers. This report provides strategic advice on properly communicating price increases. Drawing from interviews with professionals in marketing, media relations, customer communications, advertising, community relations, and customer service, it provides … Read More

Creating Superior Utility Returns with Customer Satisfaction

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From Direct Options Executive Market Intelligence   November 30, 2009 Download pdf Far-sighted utilities have been successful because they place customers—not investors or regulators—at the center of their business.  Satisfying customers with low prices, high reliability, personalized service, and an overall excellent experience all contributes to positive regulatory outcomes, leading to higher regulated rates of return. “Everything starts with our customers,” … Read More