Free Download – Utility Communicators Checklist

EE Comm ChecklistFor utilities, some communications crises stem from unpredictable external events like severe weather. Others are self-inflicted wounds that derive from internal organizational issues. Skillful communicators may be able to contain crises once they erupt. But wouldn’t it be better—less painful, less costly, easier—to try to prevent them? Many communications crises can be prevented with careful planning and purposeful action. Sometimes luck plays a role. But have you ever noticed that well-prepared utilities seem to get “lucky” a lot, while less-prepared utilities can’t seem to catch a break?

You can start today on “the road to luck” by taking this self-assessment. Look at the questions included on this Utility Communicators Checklist and answer them honestly, “Yes” or “No.” Then score your answers and consider your next steps.

Let’s get started…

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