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Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases: EEC’s 2015 Survey of Utility Communicators & Marketers

All the market intelligence you need…
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What Is It?

Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases

Egan Energy Communications conducted an online survey of North American utility communicators and marketers. The 16-page survey report, Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases: EEC’s 2015 Survey of Utility Communicators & Marketers, contains the distilled findings of several dozen practitioners working to find the optimal blend of high-touch and high-tech tools and tactics.

Authored by energy-industry experts John Egan and Matthew Joyce, the report is a snapshot of what your peer communicators and marketers are thinking, doing, finding and funding.


How Will You Benefit?

The need for market intelligence on utility communications and marketing is more pronounced than ever. But budget cutbacks have left many practitioners in the dark about what their peers are doing, what’s working, and what’s not.

You need Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases to see what your industry peers are doing to:

  • Reduce wasted time, money and effort in their communications and marketing tasks
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Protect budgets and reallocate advertising dollars
  • Take the guesswork out of social media staffing
  • Improve methods for outbound communication with customers
  • Win—and keep—a seat at the strategic decision-making table.

Why Did We Do It?

Many utilities don’t invest in market research for their communications and marketing functions, yet utility practitioners need to know what’s working and what’s not. That market intelligence mostly exists in the heads of their peers, so we went and got it.

Budgets, Gadgets & Price Increases harvests critical intelligence to help you perform at a high level during a time of significant industry, consumer and technological change. The authors’ combined 35 years of expertise in utility communications and marketing allows them to understand practitioners’ challenges, read the tea leaves in the survey responses and devise a path forward for practitioners.

How Much Does It Cost?

Do you have that budget? Can you devote that much time to this one project? When you buy this one survey report, you get all the benefits of those conferences without leaving your desk — and for less than half the cost of one conference registration!

How Do I Get My Copy?

Click the Buy Now button and a downloadable EEC Survey PDF will arrive in your email box the day we receive your completed order! For only $395!

You could try to assemble this market intelligence yourself, but that could cost $5,000 or more and take months of effort. Illustrated below is an example of what it could cost to attend just one industry conference:

Estimated Costs to Attend ONE Industry Conference

Registration Fee $1500
Airfare     500
Hotel 3 nights     600
Meals other exp     200

TOTAL $2800

EEC Survey Report

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EEC Subscriber Price

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Want to drill down into the survey responses? EEC is available to present and discuss the findings with your utility in a customized, confidential 60-minute web conference for an additional $299. Contact EEC at 720-949-4906 or [email protected] for details.


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