The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching all of us, especially the energy company communicators and marketers who are working overtime to keep employees, customers and communities informed. During this "all hands on deck" time, when resources are focused on the current crisis, other less-vital projects may get pushed back.

If your company needs help drafting copy for annual reports, community investment reports, customer newsletters or environmental stewardship reports, EEC is here to help. You can check out our work samples here. Contact us today!


Who is Egan Energy Communications?

EEC is a national, award-winning copy-writing firm that works exclusively with utilities and energy concerns. John Egan founded EEC in 2009 to provide clients with high-impact and cost-effective written materials that position clients more favorably with their stakeholders. He brings his passion, expertise and demonstrated skills as a researcher, writer and consultant to all engagements.
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"A Joy To Work With!"

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with John several times, notably as he has spoken several times at the Edison Electric Institute Strategic Issues Roundtable. He has a great background in communications, customer satisfaction, and innovative utility programs. He is a very good facilitator and public speaker. John is thoughtful, able to focus on the details as well as the big picture, and a joy to work with!”
Brian Farrell | Edison Electric Institute

The Latest EEC Perspectives

Twice a month John Egan shares his insights on a wide range of utility communications and marketing topics: crisis communications, price increases, customer communications, messaging, communications channels, employee engagement, turning complex topics into understandable copy, utility marketing, branding and advertising. His blog posts all further our mission to help utilities and energy companies turn their stakeholders into advocates.
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