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Gas Leaks in Fracking Disputed in Study

A peer-reviewed study by the University of Texas, sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund as well as nine different petroleum companies, supports advocates of hydraulic fracturing shale drilling (or fracking, for short) by concluding that leaks of the greenhouse gas methane resulting from the fracking process are actually smaller than the government estimated and way […]

Our Fossil-Fueled Future – World Energy in 2040

While it may be exciting to imagine what kind of mysterious super-fuels or efficient types of renewable energy the world will be running off of in the future, the United States Department of Energy came to a less exciting conclusion in their International Energy Outlook (IEO) assessment. This is a comprehensive prediction of what the […]

Christie, Energy Secretary Tout ‘Smart Grid’ Plan for NJ Transit

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the U.S. Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz, have announced a federal-state partnership in which the federal government will spend $1 million to develop a smart grid designed to keep NJ Transit’s trains running even during power outages. The system they implement is one that they hope can then be adopted […]

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