Utility Taglines: Adding Value or Only Costs?

Some well-liked utilities don’t have a corporate tagline in their logo or advertising. Some not-so-well-liked utilities do have a tagline.  Does a utility tagline add value, or only cost? Read More and View a Slideshow

OK, So Your Customers are Mad–Now What?

Utilities have found themselves crossing swords with customers over price increases, construction projects, executive compensation, and environmental issues.  What are utility communicators and marketers doing to rebuild relations with customers? Read More about Rebuilding Relationships

Branding ≠ Advertising

Utility communicators are faced with shrinking budgets.  In these tight times, executives may be tempted to view the corporate brand as something that will take care of itself, without any care, feeding, or specific attention.  Savvy utility communicators see things differently, and they work hard to create compelling customer connections. Learn more