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Green Button Apps: How Innovative Are They?

Although “Green Button” applications are either here or on their way, Katherine Tweed of greentechgrid: says “…the energy apps that completely knock our socks off are still off in the future.” Green Button applications inform residential and consumer customers about their energy consumption, but don’t take the next step of linking to rebates available for […]

What Can the Utility Industry Learn from Zappos?

Director of E Source Customer Experience Services, Maureen Russolo, believes the utility industry can learn something from online retailer Zappos about customer service and employee management. She discusses some of Zappo’s unique approaches, including focusing on “average speed to answer” versus “average handle time,” and encouraging employees to make a “personal emotional connection” with the […]

London tests out Smart City operating system

Because of its long history of urbanization, London has been chosen to test a system that powers cities via smart grid technology, with the Greenwich peninsula as the central area of focus. The program will connect water, transport, and energy infrastructure to meet the needs of city dwellers, and will include ‘smart’ lamp posts. Sensory […]

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