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The Next Big Utility Transformation

The 1990’s taught the U.S. the perils associated with utility deregulation. Investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and consumers still feel burned by a theory of competition and reduced grid prices that fell flat. Today, realizing renewables could feasibly satisfy the power demand, utilities are uneasy carrying high costs and very little customer base. Their lack of profit […]

Broadband May Increase Use of Rural Smart Grid

Many companies are putting thought into how to make their businesses compatible with the smart grid.  Emerson, the power and building equipment giant, recently announced a new partnership with Habersham EMC.  Together they plan on turning energy hungry devices such as air conditioners into real-time utility assets, but this will require delivering broadband to rural […]

The Microgrid as a Service

The United States relies upon monolithic power grids to supply power.  When there are mass power outages, entire regions are left without energy.  Autonomous “microgrids” would prevent mass power outages by being decentralized and independent.  Microgrids are also cleaner because they utilize renewable power sources as well.  The reality of a microgrid service may not […]

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