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Better Public Speaking: 6 Tips, 6 Sins and 1 Golden Rule

My brain was under assault. Productive thought had long since vanished. I stopped taking notes two hours ago. More coffee was out of the question — my eyes already were twitching from too much caffeine. My mind wandered. In three hours I knew I would be at a baseball game with my family – but […]

5 Reasons Why Residential Demand Response Matters

The modern energy industry faces many diverse issues, ranging from increasing demand and rising energy costs to variable supply and environmental concerns. In order to address all of these issues, the industry as a whole must take a holistic approach as it transitions to a better grid model. The same holds true for the challenge […]

New Flow Battery Could Enable Cheaper, More Efficient Energy Storage

Researchers at MIT have created a new rechargeable flow-battery that they think may enable cheaper energy storage in the future on a large scale. Their prototype, which is about the size of a palm right now, doesn’t rely on membranes in order to generate and store electricity, and yet is able to generate three time […]

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