Helpful Resources for Utility Communicators and Marketers


During the COVID-19 pandemic, EEC began a series of webcasts for utility communicators and their teams. Check out these recordings for some valuable information and practitioner tips.


EEC President John Egan writes content on a variety of topics for energy-industry publications as well as our blog, EEC Perspectives. For additional samples of EEC’s work, please visit the Writing Services page.

  • Communicating Through Crises, California Water & Power (Winter 2021)
    Despite COVID-19, heatwaves, and wildfires, California's publicly owned electric utilities bolstered their public outreach. Customers took notice.

  • Media Relations: 10 Tips from Two Pros, EEC (2019)
    The utility media relations function can help turn stakeholders into advocates by lessening frictions, lowering costs, enhancing customer relations, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving brand equity.

  • Excellence In Public Power Governance, Public Power (2019)
    The evolving electric utility business environment places special demands on public power governance.

  • Preventing Your Next Communications Crisis, EEC (2018)
    Many communications crises can be prevented with pre-crisis thinking and planning. Take this self-assessment to see how prepared your utility is for its next crisis.

  • Keeping Employees Engaged, Public Utilities Fortnightly (2015)
    Whatever strategic initiative is underway at your utility, you will need engaged employees to implement it.

  • Do Unto Others…Going for Gold in Customer Service, Public Power (2017)
    Public power utilities that deliver extraordinary service work hard to make sure serving customers is at the core of their organizational culture.

  • Face-to-Face Communications Is Powerful, Post-digital Communications Tool, Natural Gas & Electricity (2017)
    In today’s hyper-digitized, always-on, over-messaged world, some utilities are looking to break through the noise by increasing their face-to-face (F2F) interactions with stakeholders.

  • Best Practices in Complex Issue Messaging, presentation by John Egan at APPA Customer Connections Conference (2016)
    Utility issues are complex, which means communicators and marketers need to work even harder to make their customer communications simple and easy to understand.

  • Retirees – Your New Feet on the Street, American Gas (2016)
    Louisville Gas & Electric has been mobilizing its retired employees as an adjunct communications and marketing resource for decades.


  • Keeping it Fresh: Promoting Public Power, presented by Constance Anderson, communications division manager at Turlock Irrigation District (TID), California, at the APPA Customer Connections Conference (2022) Constance's presentation concerns an evergreen topic — how to keep your brand fresh by repeatedly showing what your utility stands for.

  • AEP's Unique Crisis and How it Fought Back, AEP Presentation at EUCI conference (2019)
    American Electric Power (AEP) was hit with an odd crisis that occurred over a Thanksgiving weekend involving an AEP employee.

  • Next Generation Outreach: Digital Newsrooms, presentation by Ryan Orendorf of Hahn Communications, APPA Customer Connections Conference (2016)
    Much, if not most, of this engaging presentation rings true today.

  • Powering Culture Change, by Matt Williams, California Water & Power (2018)
    Here’s how Redding Electric Utility implemented an organizational reboot to keep up with changing customer expectations.

  • Crisis Communications — Lessons Learned from Middleborough Gas & Electric (2016)
    Sandy Richter, communications manager for Middleborough Gas & Electric in Massachusetts, shares her presentation on how she handled a crisis that erupted at her utility.