Can Utilities Find a Path to Peace?

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Most utilities have always had a small percentage of disaffected customers. They write letters to the editor grousing about the duration of a recent outage. They criticize a utility’s tree-trimming practices. They oppose a proposed price increase. But yesterday’s cranky customer is becoming more of an activist today, participating in protests that are aimed at more fundamental utility business practices: … Read More

Communications Breakdown: Xcel Energy’s Smart Grid Program

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Will Poor Communications Destroy Xcel Energy’s Smart Grid Program? Some utilities are having trouble implementing Smart Grid or Smart Meter projects that rely on customers changing the way they use energy. Reaching customers and getting them to consider changing their behavior requires a long-term, integrated, campaign that includes customer communications, media relations, and public relations, among other tools. There are … Read More

Broader Stakeholder Engagement Needed to Site Transmission Projects

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DENVER, COLORADO–March 8, 2010–Written by John Egan for Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)–State and federal renewable electric standards (RES) cannot be met without the construction of new transmission lines to connect often remote renewable generation sources to far-off load centers, speakers told a wind and transmission workshop sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) (Washington, D.C.). Getting these … Read More

Public Outreach Vital For Successful CCS Projects

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Industrial Info Resources SUGAR LAND–July 28, 2009–Written by John Egan for Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)–Successful carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects require extensive public outreach as much as rigorous engineering and sound economics, several speakers told a carbon sequestration conference in Houston last week. “Public outreach is a big deal [for CCS projects], it is a work process … Read More

OK, So Your Customers are Mad–Now What?

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Utilities have found themselves crossing swords with customers over price increases, construction projects, executive compensation, and environmental issues.  What are utility communicators and marketers doing to rebuild relations with customers? Read More about Rebuilding Relationships