Are you standing in the way of your own career advancement? More often than not, the answer is, “yes.”

Your communications skills can determine, in large part, your career trajectory and the success or failure of your utility’s strategic initiatives. Did you know that most corporate strategic initiatives fail, and that the most common reason is ineffective or inconsistent communications?

Workshops to Improve Your Communications

EEC President John Egan will come to your site and deliver hands-on workshops to help you strengthen your communications skills and improve your organization’s overall performance.

Dynamic Utility Communications: Whatever your specific job responsibilities, your impact and professional advancement depend on dynamic communications. If your body language conflicts with your spoken message, your audience will tune out and you will lose out. Career success increasingly depends on your ability to communicate effectively to wider groups of people. Find out how to make your message memorable while keeping your career moving upward.

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Writing as Storytelling: Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communications, predating written communications. In this workshop, we’ll work on creating and honing story lines that recur in the utility business. Some of the most powerful stories don’t require a lot of words. We’ll also learn to translate “Utility-Speak” into “Plain English.”

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On-Camera Media Training: The camera may add 10 pounds, but it also reveals the truth. In this hands-on workshop, we will videotape participants’ giving brief opening statements and answering questions. The group will review the videotape and we’ll share candid, constructive assessments of each speaker’s strengths and improvement opportunities.

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Workshop Results

Participants in EEC workshops have come away with specific techniques to:

  • Use more powerful verbal communications with different audiences
  • Reveal the power of non-verbal communications
  • Communicate more effectively with upper management
  • Write better in a variety of media

About John Egan, Instructor

John Egan speaks frequently at utility-industry conferences. His recent speaking engagements can be viewed here. He also has published articles on utility communications in industry publications. And each month, he shares monthly tips and tactics to increase communications and marketing effectiveness in EEC’s twice-monthly blog EEC Perspectives.

Contact John Egan today to discuss bringing customized communications professional development to your utility.