partnerEver wonder how your peers have addressed a certain problem? We all do! But who has the time to gather the information and distill it into actionable intelligence? That’s why companies call EEC. Using its broad national network of utility contacts and 25 years of experience in the industry, EEC is able to uncover intelligence that helps utilities operate more effectively, resulting in a better bottom line.

We all know utilities exist in a unique business setting – different from retailers, airlines and financial service providers. But even within the utility industry, some companies have found a way to do some things better than others. And some have found out – often the hard way – that the traditional ways don’t work so well anymore. EEC has conducted best practice research into a wide range of issues, including utility communications, marketing, customer satisfaction and stakeholder engagement.

Messaging with Interactive Videos

Communications Effectiveness

benton_reaWhat’s the most cost-effective way to communicate with a readily changing customer base? Benton Rural Electric Association retained EEC in 2013 to help determine how it could get more bang for its communications buck. Take a look at the project case study here.

Customer Satisfaction

icfHave utilities quantified the benefits of top-quartile customer satisfaction? What about the financial consequences of bottom-quartile performance. Contracted with EEC in 2013 to conduct detailed interviews and crunch the data.

Digital Meter Messaging

eweb“Smart meters” became a toxic term around 2010. For utilities deploying advanced electronic meters, that was a problem. The Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) asked EEC to find out what terms and channels utilities were using to communicate with customers and defuse public concern over digital meters.

Syndicated Research


Here are some representative samples of John’s work in best practice research published as part of a syndicated research & advisory service.

A dizzying number of solutions providers compete for brainshare among potential utility clients. Often these companies have great ideas and innovative approaches, but they need something extra to break through the informational clutter. Positioning these solutions providers requires a thorough knowledge of the touchpoints that connect them with their utility audience.

EEC helps solutions providers with placing news articles, writing press releases, developing more compelling messaging, ghost-writing articles and securing conference speaking opportunities.

Below are some samples.


Blog Posts

Research/Consulting Clients

  • Redding Electric Utility (CA)
  • EWEB (OR)
  • Florida Power & Light (FL)
  • ICF International (VA)
  • Benton REA (WA)
  • EnergyCentral (CO)
  • Versify Solutions

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