If you need a dynamic industry expert to speak at your upcoming conference, member meeting, web conference or onsite workshop, consider EEC President John Egan, who regularly speaks on key issues facing utilities: customer satisfaction, digital meters, customer messaging, stakeholder engagement and program marketing. Below are excerpts from a representative sample of industry talks he has delivered.



“Community Engagement through Employee Ambassadors,” American Public Power Association (APPA) National Conference, June 20, 2017, Orlando, FL

Fostering community goodwill is public power’s unique selling proposition. Building strong relationships with your community requires constant outreach and engagement — and not just from your customer service and communications departments. Hear about utility programs that turn employees — and even retirees — into ambassadors who can reach out into the community and help strengthen ties with your customers.

Read more about the conference here.


“Marketing & Communications on a Shoestring,” a webinar from the American Public Power Association (APPA), January 12, 2017

Everyone at your utility is busy keeping the lights on. Who has the time, money, or skills for marketing? You’d be surprised at what you can do very little to no staff and resources! Learn how small utilities, with limited resources, have found creative ways to reach customers with key messages. Discover how digital and social technologies have opened up new possibilities. See how you can leverage customer connections to help you promote your utility’s programs, raise your profile, and establish your role as a trusted energy advisor to your customers.

“Preferred Communication Channels for Enhancing Customer Engagement,” EUCI Conference, December 6-7, 2016, New Orleans, LA

Utilities are installing technology that streamlines processes, automates functions and engages customers. Technology certainly is part of the answer to the question, “How does the utility better engage customers?” But an over-reliance on technology risks overlooking a utility’s powerful, no-cost, already installed customer-engagement resource — its people. Rooftop solar advocates used people power to help win the early phase of the debate over net metering. Properly mobilized, a utility’s human resources — employees and retirees — can be its indispensable tool to engaging customers. Read more>>

“Best Practices in Complex Issue Messaging” American Public Power Association (APPA), November 6-9, 2016, Nashville, Tennessee

The utility industry is changing, and we as utility communicators are challenged with explaining these changes to our key audiences (including customers, policymakers, and the media) in language that can easily be understood. Find out how public power utilities are messaging—and training leadership to message—on complex issues such as the clean power plan, net metering and pricing.  Read more>>

“Innovative Customer Education Ideas and Strategies” Rural Electricity Resource Council Conference, May 23-24, 2016, Columbus

Learn from a utility communications expert how to effectively engage your customers and convey essential topics about electricity. John has worked with power suppliers of all sizes and budgets including municipals, electric co-ops, public power providers and IOUs. He’ll use interesting examples from several states, to share practical ideas and useful strategies that can enhance your own communication programs in energy efficiency, renewables and “our side of the meter” issues. Read more>>

Speaking Topics

“The Power of Words,”

Missouri River Energy Services (2013)

American Public Power Association (2012)

“Best Practices in Complex Issue Messaging” WEI Spring Energy Symposium, March 11, 2016, Seattle

The utility industry is going through a complex set of challenges and changes, all of which have to be explained to the public in words understandable to the average 8th-grade student. Complex challenges don’t have to be rendered in complex language — unless your goal is to alienate your audience! Find out how utilities are messaging on various strategic challenges, what soars and what flops. 

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Speaking/Training Clients

  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • American Public Power Association
  • Missouri River Energy Services
  • Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts
  • Northwest Public Power Association
  • EUCI
  • Chartwell
  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  • Rural Electricity Resource Council

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