EEC’s writing clients benefit from John’s 25 years of industry expertise, including years as a daily energy journalist, media relations representative, and market researcher and writer. He knows the difference between CSAPR and Casper, and he can crisply explain that to your audience, whether it’s for a website re-launch, newsletter, annual report, thought-leadership article, or ghost-written article in an industry trade publication.

Nebraska Power Association

Big shifts in Nebraska’s energy markets led NPA to retain EEC to update the organization’s website. NPA needed EEC’s expertise to communicate to its stakeholders how utilities in the Cornhusker State were responding to – and getting ahead of – these industry changes. EEC has maintained and updated the NPA website since its 2011 relaunch.

City of Boulder

As part of an extensive community outreach effort, the City of Boulder, Colorado, relaunched its Boulder’s Energy Future website in early 2013. EEC was retained to help with the relaunch by reorganizing pages and streamlining website navigation by “bite-sizing” the copy.

The EEC Way: Outside Perspective, Industry Expertise

Read the EEC Case Study on Utility Customer Newsletters here.

Owatonna Public Utilities Customer Update

Simply Better — Central Hudson Gas & Electric

About 40% of homes in New York are heated with fuel oil. Central Hudson Gas & Electric, an upstate New York combination utility, is trying to convince homeowners in its service territory to switch from fuel oil to natural gas to heat their homes. They are using a monthly newsletter, Simply Better, as one of their main marketing tactics. EEC writes the copy for Simply Better.

Connections, OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission)

Energy efficiency programs and residential rebates offered by OUC—The Reliable One® were the featured topics that EEC wrote copy for in a variety of OUC’s publications including its monthly customer newsletters, newspaper advertorials, customer brochures and the website.

IIR — The NavigatIIR

Industrial Info Resources is a fast-growing global industrial market intelligence company. To support cross-selling and upselling of their services, and keep their clients informed about significant developments in energy markets, Industrial Info hired EEC to write a monthly newsletter in collaboration with staff web designers.

Nebraska Power Association Quarterly Newsletter

After a growing number of Nebraskans expressed interest in electric and environmental issues in their state, the NPA turned to EEC to help it produce a quarterly newsletter.  EEC writes the copy and works with a web designer to lay it out and distribute it to NPA’s subscribers.

If your organization has a small marketing budget but a lot of big ideas, producing a thought-leadership article can lead to greater visibility in the utility industry. EEC has written several of these types of articles and detailed Research Notes on strategic trends in the energy industry.

Writing Clients

Below is a listing of EEC writing clients:

  • American Public Power Association (VA)
  • Apogee Interactive, Inc. (GA)
  • Boston Consulting Group (Global)
  • Central Municipal Power Agency Services (CMPAS) (MN)
  • Riverside Public Utilities (CA)
  • Roseville (CA) Electric Utility (CA)
  • Roseville Environmental Utilities (CA)
  • WPPI Energy (WI)
  • Orlando Utilities Commission (FL)
  • Omaha Public Power District (NE)
  • Kissimmee Utility Authority (FL)
  • McKinsey & Co. (Global)
  • Nebraska Power Association (NE)
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric (NY)
  • NorthWestern Energy (MT)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (TX)
  • ScottMadden, Inc. (NC)
  • Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives (OH)
  • Ohio Cooperative Living magazine (OH)
  • American Gas Association (VA)
  • Midwest Energy (KS)
  • Industrial Info Resources (TX)
  • Transmission & Distribution World magazine (IL)
  • Western Energy magazine (OR)
  • City of Boulder, Colorado (CO)

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