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slide1Utility and energy issues are complex, unique even, with nuances and needs that are distinct from financial service companies, software providers or big-box retailers. Why do you want to spend your time and money teaching a communications generalist about your business? Do you enjoy rewriting (and rewriting, and rewriting) copy produced by your agency or contract writer?

You may need someone who speaks your industry’s language and can hit the ground running, ready to produce copy with no learning curve.

EEC has 25 years of expertise in the energy industry, as a reporter, spokesman, marketer, research director and consultant — we know the difference between CSAPR and Casper!

“Smart meters” became a toxic term around 2010. How could this new communications reality affect utility messaging around advanced digital meter deployments? The Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) asked EEC to find out.

Electric utilities have had some successes and some shortfalls in communicating about advanced digital meters. Oil & gas companies have met with similarly mixed success in communicating about hydraulic fracturing. Both industries can learn from the successes and mistakes of the other.

“Fracking and Smart Meters: What Oil & Gas Companies Can Learn from Electric Utilities (and Vice Versa)” – presentation for EUCI Conference (2012)

Electric and gas utilities are making large investments in customer programs to ensure customers make wise energy choices. Once the programs are developed, and before their results are verified, utilities need to market those programs – develop high-impact messages, create customer-friendly art, and explore non-traditional channels. EEC can help your utility hit its regulatory targets!

“Fixing Your Marketing Problems with a Customized Utility Efficiency Marketing Plan”, EMACS Workshop (2009)

“Ding Dong: Energy Services Calling”, E source Executive Summary (2010)

“Say Goodbye to Drafty Walls”, OUC Connections (2011)

Social media is changing the world – for some industries. But that’s not yet true for utilities. The challenges of two-way communication with customers are proving to be more difficult and time-consuming than expected. Still, some utilities have managed to create value and build bridges with the adroit use of social media.

“Social Media: Changing How We Communicate”, white paper for Priority Integrated Marketing (2010)

“Social Media: What Are Utility Communicators Doing?”, APPA Customer Connections Conference (2010)

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