Build a Better Budget … with Market Intelligence from the EEC Survey

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For Utility Communicators & Marketers Only!


survey-graphic-we-want-to-hear-from-you-compressorWe want to HEAR from you!

Earlier in my career, I prepared budgets for my utility’s media relations function. I had no independent, third-party information to know whether I was under-staffed, fully staffed or over-staffed compared to other utilities. Having that information would have helped me make a stronger budget case to executive management.

Credit: iStock

Credit: iStock

That’s one reason Egan Energy Communications has launched its second survey of utility communicators and marketers – we want our clients and colleagues to build their budgets and deploy their resources as effectively as possible. You have to start where you stand. You need high-quality, independent market intelligence.

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Having this market intelligence is particularly critical in today’s fast-moving media market. For utilities, the consequences of under-investing in communications or marketing today are higher than ever. Reputational damage from a safety incident or scandal, or failing to explain why your prices are changing, carries long-lived impacts.

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